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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
1996 - The Heads live @ Hannover Grand, London PDF Print E-mail

It was in London that I went to see The Heads play as I could not believe it as I have been waiting many years to see them as a long time fan as I came from Scotland by Aeroplane.

When I eventually got to the Hanover Grand it was waiting a while for the concert to happen before they let us in there was Tina Weymouth signing autographs outside and the sheer excitement was warming up.

First there was the Support Act and then the Support team for The Heads came on and a few seconds later The Heads came on. When they came on it was abit silent then after the song ' memories can't wait' was played then a big cheer it was unforgettable.

Then a few classic Talking Heads songs were played and also a few from the recently released Album 'No Talking Just Head'. Also the encore song 'Psycho killer' was played and I thought it had finished and they came on again for another encore.

That night I eventually met Tina and it made me a very man a dream came true.



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