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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
1980 - Talking Heads add some Funk PDF Print E-mail
Written by ames HenkeRolling Stone, 10/16/80   

From: Rolling Stone, 10/16/80

When David Byrne ran offstage after Talking Heads’
appearance at the Heatwave Festival near Toronto,
he was ecstatic; the group’s first performance as
an enlarged, funk-oriented band was an overwhelming
success--from the point of view of both the audience
and the musicians. Though that appearance--and a
subsequent Talking Heads concert in New York’s Central
Park--was originally intended as a sort of limited
special event, the group is now trying to put together
a major tour in support of its new album, Remain In
Light, which is due from Sire Records on October 8th.

"As far as I’m concerned, this is the only way I’d
want to do it," Byrne said of the band’s revamped
sound and lineup (the original four musicians plus
several guest artists). "It represents a complete
about-face. I’ve really marveled that a group can
do that."

According to Byrne, the "about-face" is a result
of the interest that he and producer Brian Eno
share in African music and rhythms. "We wanted to
develop an understanding of the African musical
concept of interlocking, interdependent parts and
rhythms that combine to make a coherent whole,"
Byrne explained. "It’s completely different from
playing rock songs; it’s not just a band executing
a tune."

The album was completed in New York, where Byrne
and Eno added some instruments and worked on the
musical and vocal arrangements. The LP also features
guest appearances by guitarist Adrian Belew, who
appeared with the band in New York and Toronto;
Nona Hendryx, who sang backup vocals in Central
Park; and Jon Hassell, who lends a trumpet part.

The band is scheduled to play the Greek Theatre in
Los Angeles in mid-October, and a tour of the U.S.
and abroad, which will include approximately twenty-
five dates, is currently being worked out. The
lineup of musicians for those shows has not yet
been determined, though it’s expected that some
of the additional players who performed in Toronto
and New York--including Belew, keyboardist Bernie
Worrell (from Parliament-Funkadelic), bassist Busta
Jones, percussionist Steven Scales and vocalist
Dollette MacDonald--will be appearing. They will
join current members Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth
and Jerry Harrison.

Meanwhile, the release of My Life in the Bush of
Ghosts, a collaboration between Byrne and Eno, has
been delayed. The record, which musically is very
similar to Remain In Light, uses some vocal tracks
lifted from outside sources. One of the songs
originally recorded for the LP featured a sermon
by the late evangelist Kathrine Kuhlman, and her
estate is now refusing to grant permission for
its use. "They say our use of it went against
her ministry," Byrne said. "And they think her
wrath would come down from heaven."


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