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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
Personnel - who's who in the Talking Heads universe? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Francey   

A lot of people worked with Talking Heads on their albums and tours. Below is an (without doubt incomplete) list of musicians and other artists who have worked with Talking Heads.

Abdou M’Doup – Percussion on “Naked”
Adrian Belew - Guitar on "Remain in Light" (album and tour)
Al Acosta – Tenor sax on “Naked”
Alex Haas - Whistle on "Naked"
Alex Sadkin - Mix on "Speaking in Tongues"
Alex Weir - Guitar on "Stop Making Sense" (album and tour), Speaking in Tongues
Andrew Cader - Washboard on "Little Creatures"
Angel Fernandez – Trumpet on “Naked”
Arthus Russell - Cello on "Naked"
Bernie Worrell - Keyboards on "Stop Making Sense" (album and tour) and "Speaking in Tongues"
Bert Cross Choir - Vocals on "True Stories"
Bobby Porcelli - Alto saxophone on "Naked"
Brian Eno - Bass on "Remain in Light", Treatments on "Fear of Music", producer of "More Songs", "Fear of Music", "Live on Tour" and "Remain in Light"
Brice Wassy - Maracas on "Naked"
Butch Jones - Engineer on "Speaking in Tongues"
Charlie Sepulveda - Trumpet on "Naked"
Dale Turk - Bass trombone on "Naked"
David van Tieghem - Percussion on "Speaking in Tongues"
Diva Grey - Background vocals on "Little Creatures"
Dolette MacDonals - Backing vocals on "Speaking in Tongues" (album and tour)
Don Brooks - Harmonica on "Naked"
Earl Gardner – Trumpet on “Naked”
Ednah Holt - Vocals on "Stop Making Sense" (album and tour)
Ellen Bernfeld - Background vocals on "Little Creatures"
Eric Weisberg - Pedal steel guitar on "Naked" and "Little Creatures"
Erin Dickens - Background vocals on "Little Creatures"
Full Force - Remixes of "Radio Head"
Gary Goetzman - Producer on "Stop Making Sense"
Gary Kurfirst - Management
Gene Wilder - Congas on "Fear of Music"
Gordon Grody - Background vocals on "Little Creatures"
James Fearnley - Accordion on "Naked"
Jimmy Macdonell - Accordion on "Little Creatures"
Johnny Marr - Guitar on "Naked"
Jon Hassell - Trumpets and horn arrangements on "Remain in Light"
Jonathan Demme - Director of "Stop Making Sense"
Jose 'Ite' Jerez - Trumpet on "Naked"
Jose Rossy - Percussion on "Remain in Light"
Julie Last - Background vocals on "Fear of Music"
Kirsty MacColl - Background vocals on "Naked"
Kurt Yahijian - Background vocals on "Little Creatures"
Lance Quinn - Producer on "Talking Heads 77"
Lani Groves - Background vocals on "Little Creatures"
Laurie Frink – Trumpet on “Naked”
Lenny Pickett – Tenor saxophone on “Naked” and "Little Creatures"
Lynn Mabry - Vocals on "Stop Making Sense" (album and tour)
Manola Badrena – Percussion on “Naked”
Mark Wallis - Mixing engineer on "Naked"
Michael McClain - Engineer on "True Stories"
Mitch Froman - Alto sax on "Naked"
Mory Kante - Kora on "Naked"
Moussa Cissokao - Percussion on "Naked"
Nana Vasconcelos - Percussion on "Little Creatures"
Nino Gioia - Percussion on "Naked"
Nona Hendrix - Backing vocals on "Speaking in Tongues" (album and tour) and "Remain in Light" (album and tour)
Paulinho de Costa - Percussion on "True Stories"
Phil Bodner - Cor Anglais on "Naked"
Philippe Servain - Accordion on "Naked"
Rev. Howard Finster - Cover painting "Little Creatures"
Richard Landry - Saxophone on "Speaking in Tongues"
Richard Mainwaring - Recording engineer on "Naked"
Robert Fripp - Guitar on "Fear of Music"
Robert Palmer - Percussion on "Remain in Light"
Robyn Eubanks – Trombone on “Naked”
Shankar - Violin on "Speaking in Tongues"
St. Thomas Aquinas Elementary School Choir, Dallas - Vocals on "True Stories"
Stan Harrison – Alto saxophone on “Naked”
Steve Elfon - Bariton saxophone on “Naked”
Steve Gluzband - Trumpet on "Naked"
Steve Jordan - Accordion on "True Stories"
Steve Lillywhite - Producer on "Naked"
Steve Sachs - baritone sax on "Naked"
Steve Scales - Percussion on "Stop Making Sense" (album and tour), "Speaking in Tongues" and "Little Creatures"
Sydney Thiam - Congas on "Naked"
The Sweetbreathes (aka Laura, Tina and Lani Weymouth) - Breaths on "Fear of Music"
Tommy Camfield - Fiddle on "True Stories"
Tommy Morrell - Pedal Steel Guitar on "True Stories"
Tony Bongiovi - Producer on "Talking Heads 77"
Wally Badarou - Keyboard on “Naked” and "Speaking in Tongues"
Yves N’Djock – Guitar on “Naked”



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