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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
Books about Talking Heads PDF Print E-mail
Written by Francey   

The following books have been written about Talking Heads over the years. Most of them are (long) out print; your best chance of finding them is Amazon marketplace.

"Talking Heads Tourbook"
(c) 1979 PlayBill
16 pages / Australia
Interviews and photos

"Talking Heads" 
by Miles
(c) 1981 Omnibus Press
49 pages / UK
isbn 0 8 86001 799 0
"The Name of This Book is Talking Heads"
 by Krista Reese
(c) 1982 Protues Publishing, inc
128 pages
Biography + discography
isbn 0 86276 057 7 (p/b)
"Talking heads & Tom Tom Club UK Tourbook 1982"
(c) 1982 The Concert Publishing Company (UK)
20 pages
"Tutti i Testi, Con Traduzione a Fronte"
Introduction by Paolo Bertranco
(c) 1983 arcana Editrice S.r.L. (Italy)
191 pages
Biography + lyrics in English and Italian
isbn 88 85008 51 8
"Stop Making Sense"
by Talking Heads
(c) 1984 Sire/Talking Heads Films
20 pages incl. fold outs
Tourbook, frebee with limited edition copies of LP and cassette
"Talking Heads: The Band and Their Music" (1st edition)
by David Gans
(c) 1985 Avon Books
160 pages
Biography + Discography
isbn 0 380 89954-X
"Talking Heads: The Band and Their Music" (2nd edition)
by David Gans
(c) 1986 Omnibus Press
160 pages
Biography + Discography
isbn 0 7119 0980 6
"Talking Heads Anthology"
(c) 1986 Warner Bros. Publications
108 pages
Music, tabs and lyrics
"Talking Heads - A Biography"
by Jerome Davis
(c) 1986 Omnibus Press
146 pages
Biography + discography
isbn 0 7119 1116 9
"True Stories"
by David Byrne
(c) 1986 Penguin Books
191 pages
Script + Photo's from "True Stories" movie
isbn 0 14 00 9230 7
"Stay up Late"
by Maira Kalman and David Byrne
(c) 1987 Viking Pinguin
"Stay up late" illustrated by Maira Kalman
Foreword by David Byrne 
isbn 0 670 81895-X
"What the Songs Look Like"
by Frank Olinsky 7 Talking Heads
(c) 1987 Perennial Library
125 pages
Contemporary artists interpret Talking Heads songs
isdn 0 06 096205 4
"Guitar Supersta series: Talking Heads"
by Jesse Gress
(c) 1987 Warner Bros. publications
96 pages
Music, tabs & lyrics
"Talking Heads"
by Jerome Davis (Turkish translation by Korsan)
(c) 1993 Korsan Yayincilik
192 pages
biography, discography, all in Turkish + two extra pagines with info update till 1992)
isbd 975 7417 28 9
"David Byrne & Talking Heads: Titti i Testi 1975 - 1994"
by Paolo Bertrando
(c) 1994 Arcana (Italy)
187 pages
Biography + Lyrics in English and Italian
isbn 88 7966 031 4
"Talking Heads"
by Jorge Arnaiz y Jose Manual Gomez
(c) 2000 Ediciones Catadra
252 pages
Biography in Spanish
"This must be the Place (The Adventures of Talking Heads in the 20th Century)
by David Bowman (U.S. edition)
(c) 2001 Harper Collins 
352 pages
"Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa" (same as above "This Must be the place") 
by David Bowman (UK edition)
(c) 2001, Bloomsbury 
352 pages
"We are the Noise Between Stations"
by Sytze Steenstra
Published by Mixed Media vof, Maastricht
416 pagines
Dissertation on the works of David Byrne 
"Once in a Lifetime - the stories behind every song"
by Ian Gittins
(c) 2004, Hal Leonard
144 pages
Illustrated guide to Talking Heads songs 

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