Talking Heads 1982-08-24 Columbia, MD - on Dime

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Talking Heads 1982-08-24 Columbia, MD - on Dime

Postby Stranger on February 23rd, 2014, 8:41 pm

Well this is another pleasant surprise...another 1982 gig I didn't know about, which is very good quality stereo, and has another *great* version of Love >>> Building on Fire. As per my other recent-ish post on the 82 tour, this wonderful song wasn't often performed on the 1982 tour (well I thought it wasn't - it wasn't on the mixing desk and FM recordings, nor or what had been my favourite audience recordings until recently).

Once more, the rest of the recording seems relatively average for the tour, good performance, but it's Building on Fire that shines through for me.

Nice synth from Jerry on this performance.

If you download it, enjoy.

"Talking Heads
Location: Merriweather Post Pavillion, Columbia, MD
Date: August 24, 1982
Source: Audience
Artwork: No

Set List

5:29.00 01 psycho killer.flac
3:10.00 02 building on fire.flac
4:35.00 03 cities.flac
4:43.00 04 big blue plymouth.flac
5:34.00 05 once in a lifetime.flac
4:35.00 06 mind.flac
5:29.00 07 my big hands.flac
5:06.00 08 slink.flac
5:30.00 09 big business.flac
2:52.00 10 i zimbra.flac
4:56.00 11 swamp part 1.flac
1:00.00 12 swamp part 2.flac
6:33.00 13 houses in motion.flac
6:02.00 14 what a day that was.flac
6:33.00 15 life during wartime.flac
7:30.00 16 take me to the river.flac
7:25.00 17 crosseye and painless.flac

Fuji FR-2 Cassette Tape (unknown lineage) > Audacity > FLAC > Trader's Little Helper > Torrent

ffp and Md5 signature included

This is a good audience recording but there are some flaws to it. There is a hard cut between "Big Business" and "I Zimbra."
"Swamp" is in two parts."Big Business," "I Zimbra" and "Swamp" are a somewhat muffled.

The performance itself is fantastic." ... ?id=483580
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