Tom Tom Club Deluxe edition 2CD with Close to the Bone Print
Wednesday, 11 March 2009 20:59

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Island Records, a number of milestone releases on the label will be re-released as Deluxe Editions. Tom Tom Club's breakthrough debut album is one of the albums that get the Deluxe treatment, and will come out as a 2CD set with not just a bunch of bonus tracks: The package includes an entire bonus album, the bands 2nd record "Close to the Bone", which has never been released on CD before.

Full tracklist for the "Tom Tom Club - Deluxe Edition" (to be confirmed):

CD1 - "Tom Tom Club" LP: Wordy Rapinghood, Genius of Love, Tom Tom Theme, L'Elephant, As Above so Below, Lorelei, On On On On, Booming and Zooming

Bonus tracks: Under the Boardwalk, On On On On (Remixed Version), Lorelei (Remixed Version), Spooks, Elephant, (You Don't Stop) Wordy Rappinghood

CD2 - "Close to the Bone" LP: Pleasure of Love, On the Line Again, This is a Foxy World, Bamboo Town, The Man With the 4-Way Hips, Measure Up, Never Took a Penny, Astababy! (Life is Great)

Bonus tracks: The Man With the 4-Way Hips (Extended Version), Pleasure of Love (Instrumental vesion), The Man With the 4-Way Hips (Dub Version), Yella! (Mr Yella)

The Digital download version contains yet another bonus track, a brand new 2009 Kid Ginseng Remix of "Wordy Rappinghood". The Deluxe 2CD is scheduled for release in May, just in time for the Island 50 anniversary festival in London.