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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
Close to the Bone (1982) PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 12:01

Close to the BoneShortly after the release of Talking Heads first album of new music in nearly three years ("Speaking In Tongues"), Tom Tom Club’s second album "Close to the Bone" was released.

It lacked a standout single like “Genius of Love” and, much as the album’s “Pleasure of Love” was a sleepy rewrite of that song, Close To The Bone was seen as 'more of the same only less so' compared to their debut. However, listeners who enjoyed the dance sensibilities and headphone-friendly mix of the first record will find Close To The Bone close to the original.

Highlights include “The Man With The 4-Way Hips” and “Measure Up,” the latter one of the few tracks to treat male contraception in a clever way (The Clash’s “Lovers Rock” is another). On "Close to the Bone", Chris and Tina are supported by sisters Lani and Laura Weymouth, a few extra heads (Wally Badarou, Steve Scales, Alex Weir), Raymond Jones and Steven Stanley.

Gone is Adrian Belew, whose extraordinary guitar isn’t replaced in the mix. Instead, the production features mostly synthesizers, percussion and bass, which gives "Close To The Bone" a dreamy dub reggae vibe (perhaps the result of spending too much time in the Bahamas). On headphones, you get an appreciation for all the little sounds that Steven Stanley has slipped into the mix.

It is interesting to note that as club mixes were becoming more popular Tom Tom Club came pre-mixed. That didn’t stop them from tinkering with tracks like “Pleasure of Love” and “The Man With The 4-Way Hips” on various 12-inch releases, but there’s nothing on "Close To The Bone " that isn’t already consumable for the club floor.

In 2009 "Close to the Bone" was finally released to CD, as part of the DeLuxe package of the bands debut album.


- Pleasure Of Love
- On The Line Again
- This Is A Foxy World
- Bamboo Town
- The Man With The 4-Way Hips
- Measure Up
- Never Took A Penny
- Astababy! (Life Is Great)


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