1986 - Sounds from True Stories Print

Sounds from True Stories

The album 'Sounds From True Stories', subtitled "Music for Activities Freaks", contains the original score from David Byrne's motion picture True Stories. It does, however, not contain the songs from the Talking Heads album "True Stories" as sung by the actors.
The album was only released on vinyl and cassette.
  • Cocktail Desperado - Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band
  • Road Song - Meredith Monk
  • Freeway Son - David Byrne
  • Brownie's Theme - David Byrne
  • Mall Muzak - Carl Finch 
    A. Building A Highway 
    B. Puppy Polka
    C. Party Girls
  • Dinner Music - Kronos Quartet
  • Disco Hits! - David Byrne
  • City Of Steel - Talking Heads
  • Love Theme From True Stories - David Byrne
  • Festa Para Um Rei Negro - Banda Eclipse
  • Buster's Theme - Carl Finch
  • Soy de Tejas - Steve Jordan
  • I Love Metal Buildings - David Byrne
  • Glass Operator - David Byrne
'City Of Steel' is a steel-guitar version of Talking Heads' 'City of Dreams', and 'Glass Operator' a classical version of 'Dream Operator'. Both original version of 'City of Dreams' and 'Dream Operator' are available on the Talking Heads: True Stories album.

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