Illy Alien Cups UFO Print
Sunday, 08 March 2009 11:02

In 2000, David Byrne designed a set of collectible espresso cups for the Italian coffee brand Illy. The alien espresso cups were sold as boxed sets. In addition, a special limited edition of "spaceship" packaging was produced in 2001 and quickly sold out. There were 1,000 units in the spaceship edition, as well as 250 so-called "artists proofs", each individually numbered and with printed signatures. A limited number of spaceships were hold back and this limited inventory -all from the Artists Proof edition- is now available for as long as stock lasts during the European leg of David's current tour (which starts in Dusseldorf March 9th).

A set will be on display at the merchandise stand at every show, but the sets can only be purchased on-line for logistic reasons. Flyers with additional info on the sets and ordering info will be available at the merch stand as well.