1992 - Uh-Oh Print
Sunday, 03 August 2008 14:05
David Byrne's second post-Talking Heads album was recorded with a smaller band than he used for Rei Momo. It was more 'back to Talking Heads' and more pop oriented than all his solo efforts till date.

Among the personal are ex-Meters bassplayer George Porter Jr., background vocalists Dolette McDonald and Nona Hendrix, trumpeter Angel Fernandez and Tom Ze.

To promote the album, Byrne & his new band toured around the world ("Monster in the Mirror Tour") and released the live-video 'Between the Teeth' at the end of it (available on VHS and laserdisk)

  • Now I'm Your Mom
  • Girls On My Mind
  • Something Ain't Right
  • She's Mad
  • Hanging Upside Down
  • A Walk In The Dark
  • Twistin' In The Wind
  • The Cowboy Mambo (Hey Lookit Me now)
  • Monkey Man
  • A Million Miles Away
  • Tiny Town
  • Somebody
A couple of months after the release of the CD, a CD-Single trilogy came out after the 'Girls On My Mind'-single.

Part one and two contain an editted version of 'Hanging Upside Down' plus 3 additional -acoustic- live track. Part 3 contains an edited version of 'She's Mad' plus another 3 acoustic live tracks

Live tracks:
Part 1: (Nothing But) Flowers, Girls On My Mind, Dirty Old Town 
Part 2: Something Ain't Right, Who Were You Thinking Of, Rockin' In The Free World 
Part 3: Buck Naked, Greenback Dollar, Now I'm Your Mom