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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
1982 - (Songs from) The Catherine Wheel PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 03 August 2008 13:27
Catherine Wheel
"The Catherine Wheel" is David Byrne's score for a Broadway dance production choreographed and directed by Twyla Tharp. Its sound -- with herky-jerky rhythms and unusual sounds, along with Byrne's own vocals and odd lyrics on many songs -- will be familiar to Talking Heads fans. As originally released, only the cassette version contained the full 73-minute score, although an abridged 'songs-from' LP was also issued.
The Cd release of "Catherine Wheel" contains the complete soudtrack.
Review of the video for 'The Catherine Wheel' from the Financial Times:

"When Twyla Tharp's 'The Catherine Wheel' was premiered on Broadway, it was described by Arlene Croce of The New Yorker as "a major event in our theatre", with "dancing of astonishing beauty and power". David Byrne, the lead singer/composer of Talking Heads, wrote the original score with its relentless, shifting rhythms and poetically unspecific lyrics, which perfectly complement the non-stop flow of dance and the incorporation of mime and everyday movement. His collaboration with Twyla Tharp was described by the New Yorker as "the meeting of two of America's most original minds". It has certainly produced an unforgettable dance and video experience. If ever a programme demanded to be viewed again and again with a video recorder, this is it !"


  • Light Bath
  • His Wife Refused *
  • Ade
  • Walking
  • Two Soldiers *
  • Under The Mountain
  • Dinosaur
  • The Red House *
  • Wheezing
  • Eggs In A Brian Patch *
  • Poison *
  • Cloud Chamber *
  • My Big Hands (Fall Through The Cracks) *
  • Combat
  • Leg BellsThe Blue Flame
  • Big Business *
  • Dense
  • Beats
  • Five Golden Selections
  • What A Day That Was *
  • Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide open) *
  • Light Bath *
* = Album Tracks ('Songs From The Catherine Wheel') The complete score (22 tracks) is only available on cassette and CD.
Talking Heads adepted "Big Blue Plymouth", "Big Business" and "What a Day That Was" for their 1982 and 1983 tours. 

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