Beacon Theater Review

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Beacon Theater Review

Postby pauly-p on September 27th, 2012, 2:16 pm

Tuesday nights show was great! No suprises, same set list as every other night. Show started around 8:20pm and went till 10:00pm. I though they might play a couple of extra songs for their encore for the New York crowd, but no such luck! I really like the new CD, I just kinda wish they had the show in October. It would've given us another month of "listening time". It was clear that NO ONE knew any of the words to the new CD, only the TH songs.And everyone calmly sat there until the encores. I gotta tell you...I am SOO suprised that no one was dancing(except me, I was the guy up front left side dancing all night) If you are truely a DB fan I cant imagine that his music doesn"t move you enough to get your fat ass up and dance. Really unbelievable!! He starts playing, Burning Down The House, everyone jumps up......people, people come the f on!! Well, whatever you like, who am I to judge.Sit if you want :)

Really looking forward to seeing the finished product of "Here Lies Love" this spring at the Public Theater...see you there!!
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Re: Beacon Theater Review

Postby josecardozo on September 28th, 2012, 6:09 pm

I'm getting very excited by all the reviews. I didn't even want to see the setlist to keep the surprise factor up but then I did. I haven't seen videos, though. I want to keep that emotion for when I see it live, which is October 20. It's still a long stretch but it's getting very close!
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