"Live On Tour" - another pressing, another original?

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"Live On Tour" - another pressing, another original?

Postby Trystero on July 18th, 2012, 12:24 am

Maybe I am obsessed with this record, because after the "official" and the "counterfeit" (and bootlegs) I recently discovered a second "official" pressing.

I knew that the official edition had the catalogue number WBMS 104 on both sides, while the counterfeit had the catalogue number WBMS 104 RE-1 only on side 1 (and a badly printed blurred Bugs Bunny logo).

But now I have a third pressing. It has the catalogue number WBMS 104 RE-1 on both sides, a well printed Bunny logo with sharp black outline, and the production and mixing is credited to David Byrne and Ed Stasium. Moreover, in the vinyl runout there is the STERLING etching, it means a mastering from Sterling Sound (as other Talking Heads albums). And the audio quality is far better than the other editions I had.

I realized a simple web page to show all the differences between the three pressings:http://www.diegocuoghi.com/thlive

One could propose a hypothesis: the very first edition (WBMS 104) contained some errors and it was soon replaced by the "RE-1" (as repress or reprint), with the correct credits.

I remember that in the old "Zimbranet" forum someone told the complicated story of this record, something about an employee who stole or copied the tapes... but I do not remember anything more specific.
I wish to know if Francey remembers something more.
I wrote to Ed Stasium but his reply was negative: "Sorry Diego..... I have no clue!"
Maybe Chris Frantz could know the real story of this album? I wrote him, at the address found in the official Tom Tom Club web site, but I received no answer.
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