what do Talking Heads fans wish for ?

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what do Talking Heads fans wish for ?

Postby Backsliding on April 20th, 2012, 4:20 pm

hey folks, I haven't been around these parts much of late, i used to post relentlessly a few years ago though, and i still pop by to see what's news once every week or so ...

i was reflecting a while back on why it was that i dropped off with my posting over the years and i think it comes down to two things; one, when Francey migrated the site a few years ago some of the regular posters whom I enjoyed interacting with failed to migrate with it, and it was kinda quiet there for a while - partially, I think, because of my second reason (and the reason for this thread); it really seemed a couple of years ago that Talking Heads fans had finally gotten all that they could hope for by way of releases and re-releases ...
For example, there was much gnashing of teeth and legend-making in the days before TNOTBITH (do the acronyms still fly here ?) had been released on c.d. - we had something to wish for and complain about, and stuff like that was the grist of many a conversation.
Of course TNOTBITH was finally issued on c.d. with a whole bunch of extra tracks and it was wonderful and worth the wait.
Then the box sets and dvd's, and the big one, the Brick, followed in a steady stream thereafter, and suddenly us Talking Heads fans were spoiled for riches - discussion around the time the Brick was released was at fever pitch, it was great.

and then after the gold rush it just kinda quietened down for a while before the site was eventually upgraded.

Those were heady days (haha).

The recent-ish release of Chronology was almost surprisingly awesome imo; I didn't expect much as I had seen so many rare/old Talking Heads videos on Youtube, I look there all the time as stuff *still* seems to crop up pretty regularly (e.g. recently someone has posted these really rough - but obviously genuine - demos of 3 or 4 of the songs that ended up on True Stories).

But Chronology had some amazing footage, the stuff in the 'extras' was almost more thrilling than the feature - the footage of the band rehearsing interspersed with the footage of the band playing live was superb and instructive. The commentaries were also excellent.

So; after that long-winded preface, my question to any/all is this; is there anything more you hope to see released from the Talking Heads vaults ? any re-jigged, re-mastered, re-imagined, re-animated items ?
Those with extensive collections such as Francey would really have a true grip on the breadth of material that is or isn't available for general release.

maybe for me I would nominate the Warner Bros. live album, which I believe is considered almost part of the official discography .... apart from that; well, I really can't think of what there might be floating around, as I said earlier I am intermittently delighted to find something on youtube, or an online interview (there was a good one with the producer of Little Creatures that I came across a while ago) which rekindles my enthusiasm and excitement for my favourite band.
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Re: what do Talking Heads fans wish for ?

Postby tedkul on April 20th, 2012, 8:03 pm

Personally, I'd like to see some pro-shot video of the Speaking in Tongues tour, not included in Stop Making Sense--Building on Fire, Book I Read, Big Blue Plymouth, Houses in Motion and Burning Down the House (Reprise).

Also a complete release of the Entermedia show would be cool. Ditto the US festival.

The long-promised "Deluxe Edition" of True Stories is neccessary (with the soundtrack album, cast singing the songs, etc.).

Total fantasy land--A feature length documentary about the band would be very welcome (a la the Ramones End of the Century).

Of course, the reunion tour would be cool too.
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Re: what do Talking Heads fans wish for ?

Postby tedkul on April 20th, 2012, 8:17 pm

Also, I've always meant to put together a compilation of songs known to be performed by Talking Heads that are NOT on any of the studio albums:

96 Tears
123 Red Light
Love is All Around
I Wish You Wouldn't Say That
Building on Fire
Clean Break
Sugar on My Tongue
I Want to Live
Big Blue Plymouth
What a Day that Was
Big Business
My Big Hands
Questions for Lovers
Sax & Violins
Gangster of Love
Lifetime Piling Up
In Asking Land
Two Note Swivel
Fela's Riff
Double Groove
Right Start
Dancing for Money
These Boots are Made for Walking

What am I missing?
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Re: what do Talking Heads fans wish for ?

Postby Buck's Student on April 27th, 2012, 5:22 am

I'd like to see the album David Byrne, Jerry Harrison, Chris Frantz, and Tiny Weymouth made together.


A bootleg of the Little Creatures tour... :bawling:
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Re: what do Talking Heads fans wish for ?

Postby Backsliding on May 4th, 2012, 5:31 pm

Tedkul; is the song you listed called 'Questions for Lovers' a Tom Tom Club number ?

further on the topic of out-takes, I would happily have digested all four of the out-takes from the Remain in Light sessions that I have had the pleasure of hearing, I have sprinkled those three tracks amongst the original Remain in Light track listing, and my golden Remain in Light playlist is .. drum roll please ...

Born Under Punches (the Heat Goes On)
Crosseyed & Painless
the Great Curve
Once in a Lifetime (promoted to side 1 on a hypothetical vinyl LP)

Double Groove
Fela's Riff - by this stage of the album things would be really jumpin' off, that's 5 funky, frenetic tracks in a row (in my geeky mind I would edit this track down a bit, it just needs a bit of tightening imo)
Unison - I would tinker and tighten this song up a tad if I had the files, probably shorten it a bit too
the Overload
Houses in Motion
Seen & Not Seen
Right Start - in a perfect world I would edit this down a bit, but it's a fascinating insight into the process behind the album, what with being a mix/version of Once in a Lifetime which is both recognisable and radically different. Ending with this song would arguably rob the album of the jaw-droppingly dark ending that the Overload gives it, but with my revised track listing, with Once in a Lifetime closing out side 1, it would create a nice symmetry .. :ugeek:

as you can see the flow of the first four songs is untrammeled, but the back-end of the album would, and does, sound quite different, with three of the four out-takes opening 'side two' - also, having 'Unison' & 'Houses in Motion' back-to-back really emphasises Eno's vocal contribtion, for good or ill .. :ugeek: :ugeek:
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Re: what do Talking Heads fans wish for ?

Postby tedkul on May 4th, 2012, 5:58 pm

Questions for Lovers is a Talking Heads original from the first batch of songs that became 77 and More Songs. It was performed live in late 1976 and early 1977. It's on a number of bootlegs and recordings from this era:


It's like "Wash that Love Away/Clean Break" in that it never appeared on a studio album. It's unlike "Wash that Love Away/Clean Break" in that it's a clumsy song with a meandering bridge, whereas Clean Break is one of my favourite early numbers.

Personally, I think Remain in Light is exactly perfect as is. Perfect.

The only Talking Heads album I would change is TNOTBITH. Had I been in charge of the cd issue, it would have become a boxed set--3 cds, one dvd. The set would begin in 1975 with the earliest recordings of the 3-piece and would've ended in 2002 with the RRHoF. I would definitely have included all the Talking Heads versions of the solo numbers, and any other songs not included on studio albums performed live. The DVD would've basically been chronology, as is, but I would've added a bit more CBGBs footage, the songs from the Speaking in Tongues tour not in SMS, and maybe a bit more Hall of Fame stuff.
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Re: what do Talking Heads fans wish for ?

Postby fredd2332 on May 25th, 2012, 4:39 pm

I also haven't posted much for a while...I feel/fear that there is not much more to look forward to.

I think TNOTBITH should be left as is, but a companion disc(s) should come out with The HOF tracks, maybe even some of the rehearsals, SMS outtakes, audio from 82...etc.

I would also like a legitimate release of the CBS demos.

I would love to hear the demo tapes that they made for Naked before going to Paris.

And I would love for the Heads second album to be completed with DB's involvment.
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