Question: USA to Spend Game on Sidelines?

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Question: USA to Spend Game on Sidelines?

Postby cyberyukon on October 16th, 2010, 5:55 am

So I was talking with my brother today about the state of the States.

For those of you who don't live here, the United States are weeks away from the "mid-term elections". That is, the time when we put all of our legislators up to vote. If they can do a good job, hopefully they'll get voted in. If not, they get sent home.

So anyways, things remain pretty ugly here. The national debt has blasted off so high that it'll take a generation to get it under control. Home mortgages show no sign of quick recovery. Unemployment remains awful (though not quite the same as during the Great Depression). Wall Street pirates continue to apply tricks and traps to rope people into losing money to their financial gain. Banks too big to fail are once again in the news for their irresponsibility. Streets are crumbling. David Byrne writes a very descriptive and accurate article about how this has impacted on Detroit. Whenever our President tries to implement legislation to change things he is met with resistance from the very same political people who helped subjugate the economy three years ago.

I peer into my crystal ball. The USA is unlikely to be any sort of world power in the 21st century. The star quarterback of the 20th century will spend the bulk of the next century on the side-lines suffering some sort of post-squandering, post-hedonistic hangover.

So my question is: what's life like where you live? Is your home country suffering the same problems that we are?

And then... how do you see what's happening in the United States?
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Re: Question: USA to Spend Game on Sidelines?

Postby iRene on October 19th, 2010, 8:26 am

Here in the UK we are waiting to hear where the axe will fall. The government will announce spending cuts tomorrow, ending weeks of speculation. From the hints which have been dropped, it looks like welfare and benefits are for the chop, hitting the poor and disabled, and the bankers will get off lightly again.
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Re: Question: USA to Spend Game on Sidelines?

Postby Buglet on October 19th, 2010, 4:02 pm

Talking of the poor, half a million public sector workers are set to lose their jobs. First they attack our pay (pay cuts in real terms for the last five years at least), then our pensions, now our bloody jobs. May look good on the spreadsheet until you then move those 500,000 to the dole queue and have to pay them benefits. Oh yeah, and they won't be spending to get the economy running again either. Remind me... when did the banks repay the bailout from the public purse?

The UK welfare system needs a radical shake-up. How can it be possible to 'earn' more on benefits than the national average wage? For some people sitting on their arse all day and popping out babies for benefit has become a lifestyle choice. Only a fraction of those receiving incapacity benefit are actually incapable of working. EU citizens resident here but with families back home can claim child benefit for those dependents not even in the UK. The whole thing is totally fucked up and our country is at breaking point. Discuss.
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Re: Question: USA to Spend Game on Sidelines?

Postby Mr.DRC on October 19th, 2010, 11:58 pm

Buglet wrote: Discuss.

Yep. I agree,Buglet. Best chance we have of Gold in 2012. :?

And everything you said previously. :respect: You're totally correct. Wow! ;)

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