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Postby pauly-p on November 4th, 2008, 2:50 pm

After ALL my moaning and groaning about not playing in NYC....everything paid off!! Drove down to Red Bank without a ticket. Box office...SOLD OUT!! The very first person I asked if they had any extras, has two extras, Row C, cent orch.....another guy walks up at the very same time looking for a single ticket as well. He sells them to us for face(thank you again)AMAZING RIGHT?? So I offer to buy them a round of beers at the local watering hole around the corner....I'm amazed at my good was truely meant to be.

The set list was about the same that has been posted on the REVIEWS page.....

Strange Overtones(no one stood up)
I Zimbra(dancers appear)
One Fine Day(excellent sound)
Help Me Somebody(nicely done)
Houses In Motion(classic-wonderfully done)
My Big Nurse(love this song)
My Big Hands...Falling throught the cracks(1st time heard)
Heaven(highlight of the night!!)
Never Thought(new DB song)
The River(excellent)
Crossed-Eyed and Painless(classic)
Life Is Long(Davids voice-perfection)
Once In A Lifetime(crowd goes f ing nuts)
Life During Wartime(everyone is on there feet)
I Feel My Stuff(hottest song of the show!!)

**First Encore**
Take Me To The River(another classic-amazing background vocals)
The Great Curve(pinch me)

**Second Encore**
Air(highlight of the evening!!-David croaning)
Burning Down The House(classic T heads)

**Final Encore**
Everything That Happens(perfect closing song)

Half- way throught the show I went to the front of the stage, right in front of David....and danced my fool head off for the rest of the night.Just a amazing experience....I was also lucky enough to see David getting out of the tour bus before the show..yelled over "hi David" he replyed hello. Cool.Got a chance to talk with Mauro(percussan) for about 2-3 mins. Talked about touring in Asia and Europe, Australia etc. And about Here Lies Love...he said David was still working on the CD with special guest vocalists(female)that it is a very expensive project and will take somemore time.Amazingly cool!!After the show Paul(the bassist)came up to the front of the stage to say hello to a friend he saw...I just happen to be standing right next to her. Shook his hand and said "hello, great show"....then on the way out I ran into Graham(drums)and got to say hello to him and shake his hand.So, overall a simply amazing night from start to finsh. If you have a chance to get to the show...GO!!
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Postby mpaul4 on November 4th, 2008, 5:26 pm

Byrne, Basie, Birthday!

GREAT show! Thank you all! Heaven! We loved it! Hope you did to.
Great venue! Great acoustics! Please come again!
Great thanks to David for the "Happy Birthday" John Hancock and the handshake!
Way cool! Thanks so much!

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Postby mpaul4 on January 11th, 2009, 12:44 am

Enjoyed the (Nov.) Basie show so much... I'm going to Radio City (Sat.)!
Hope the balcony (row A) has room for dancing. Anybody know?
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Postby Wickeddoll on January 11th, 2009, 1:26 am

Pauly, it sounds like you had the same experience I had as far as the concert, but the "extra" stuff makes me really jealous! (except going down to the front - I didn't want to fight the crowd)

The encores were exactly like the Dec. 8 show. I didn't see anyone else who had heard "Big Hands" (I sang that one verbatim) as well as the live version of "Help Me Somebody" - I got some puzzles stares while singing along with those songs.

I totally agree with everything you said about the concert! What did you think of those dancers? I thought they were dorky and a bit distracting, but apparently most people really liked them.

How did David react to the applause? He seemed really surprised in NC.

And yes, people, if you can see it DO SO!


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Postby pauly-p on January 30th, 2009, 2:45 pm

Hey, "Wicked" little girl, you speaka my language? I love that song......haven't been on the site in awhile, and definitly haven't looked up my post. Glad to hear you had as great a time as I did. Where are you in NC? My folks are in Brevard, about an hour south of Ashville(Southwest part of the state) Anyway what venue did you see him at? I really want to get to the Orange Peel in Ashville, they book a ton of cool acts!!

They added a second Radio City show in NYC, so I was lucky enough to get an isle seat about half way back in the orchestra! So I have that going for me...less than a month away. Can't wait!!

Be well, enjoy the rest of the tour!
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Postby pauly-p on January 30th, 2009, 2:57 pm


I can call you Nat instead of "Wicked", is that all right? Just messin'....Yoo just checked out your site! Amazing images from the NC show (east coast) Wow!! Some really great shots....did you take them or a friend? Some of those are very frameable. Hey PM me if you want some time, I can go on and on about DB.

First time I saw him was 1979 Talking Heads at a place on Long Island called The Hub (The caldaron concert hall) Standing room only ticket....stood right in front of him ALL night. From then I was hooked. Have seen him at least once on each solo tour.

Did I mention that I have all my T heads vinyl albums signed by's true. And a great story too.

Be well, talk soon.

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