Life in Technicolor II

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Life in Technicolor II

Postby Ruben on January 21st, 2009, 3:58 pm

Here's the fantastic new Coldplay video, "Life in Technicolor II" (first single from the Prospekt's March EP).
It's just incredible:

One of the best videos I've seen lately. And the best part is that you can watch it in High Definition, but truly HIGH definition, it's amazing. I hope in the future more YouTube videos are available like this because they really look beautiful (they even make my PC slower, lol)

Here's another video, "Life in Technicolor" (the instrumental version on the Viva la Vida album), ... 1&index=29
You can even see Brian Eno there!

I've just realized that Coldplay have already released 10 (!!!) music videos from the "Viva la Vida" era, which is pretty surprising (I mean... I can't think of any other artist who have done this too... only Michael Jackson comes to mind), and they are all pretty good...
Two versions of Viva la Vida, two versions of Violet Hill (the "Dancing Politicians" one is mindblowing), Life in Technicolor I, Life in Technicolor II, Lost!, Lost+ (featuring Jay-Z), Lovers in Japan, and a live promo video of "Glass of Water" featuring Albert Hammond Jr.

Oh, and the home-made version of "Lost?" (the acoustic version) which won the online contest on the coldplay website (, that makes it kind of an official video I guess.
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Re: Life in Technicolor II

Postby cyberyukon on January 24th, 2009, 3:34 pm

Lol--ya know, this certainly continues the long tradition of inventive, creative "Coldplay" videos.

I love the bit at the end, when the band leaves and the helicopter crashes out through the room window. That's priceless.
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