Stardust Room, Las Vegas (1979-09-29) *.flac torrent

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Stardust Room, Las Vegas (1979-09-29) *.flac torrent

Postby ph4t3Xp4t on September 18th, 2008, 10:08 pm

Hey folks --

You don't seem to have an 'introduce yourselves' section, so I'll take my first post here to do that & point to a great Talking Heads torrent.

I put this torrent up a few months back. This seems like the place where folks might like it ...

- ... php?id=974

Torrent #974 Talking Heads - Stardust Room, Las Vegas (1979-09-29)

Original lineage lost:
SBD source (?) -> ? -> Encoded by FLAC v1.1.2a with FLAC Frontend v1.7.1

I am searching for all sorts of Talking Heads & relateds, including David Byrne, Tom Tom Club, etc. Blame google for inflicting me upon you. :twisted: This seems like a place where other folks might be able to help me out ....??

There are about a half-dozen Talking Heads shows (including a couple of David Byrne) at this particular tracker. I have another two or three Byrne shows that I intend to put up "soon" over there, also. Visit:


and search or browse. You may sign up (free) or torrent files anonymously without worrying about pesky share ratios ... your choice. It's all good with us.

The MindWarp community is dedicated to legal sharing, which is a philosophy I see espoused here. Thus, I am hoping to cross-seed communities (rather than poach folks from here to there). Too many hard-core Bowie fans over there ... I'd like to see 'other perspectives' participate a bit more, and Talking Heads related would be Just Fine By Me ... ;)

We specialize in lossless bootleg materials, be they live or be they various experiments &/or studio cutting-room floor stuff. DVD video torrents, too.

I will personally appreciate links & tips to locate highest quality audio in lossless format .. I have fairly top-end gear I play back on & really wish to have the full audio range possible .. so, I am rarely interested in *.mp3's for example.

Yep. I'm a bit of a snob that way. :blbl: BUT ... I'm not interested in flame wars and in-your-face crapola about it. Just don't be offended if I'm not overly excited by lossy materials.

Thanks for putting up a cool forum to one of my favorite groupings of artists! :waycool:

Shout-out & greetings from Rīga, Latvia!

-- t3h 3Xp4t
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