Talking Heads play Devore Festival, 3rd September 1982

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Talking Heads play Devore Festival, 3rd September 1982

Postby Stranger on March 3rd, 2009, 9:40 pm

Talking Heads
US Festival
Devore California
I thought do I need this, when I have those nice soundboard / FM gigs from 1982? Well yes, I do!...

1. Psycho Killer
Funkified Psycho Killer - panning stereo guitar great vocals

2. Love goes to buidling on fire
How could Love goes to buidling on fire work after this?

It does, just...they even do it à la 1977 single...with the sweet guitar, even music box bells, and the return of the twittering birds! Bizarrely, it works :)

3. Cities
Back to more serious (funky) business with Cities...skipping congas and choppy rhythm guitar.

4. Big Blue Plymouth
Nice 'vocoder' type backing vocals on this

5. Once in a Lifetime
nice 'shimmering' synth on this

6. Mind
mad vocals, nice synth

7. My Big Hands
nice creepy synth on this! And yet more demented vocals from Mr Byrne...nice stereo sound again, in particular on this track as the audience clap along towards the end too.

8. Slink
nice vocals, harmonica and synth on this.

9. Big Business
nice and funky, leading into...

10. I Zimbra
good stuff

Swamp and Houses In Motion are followed by

13. What Day That Was
lovely synth, guitar and vocals on the chorus...

14. Life During Wartime
again nice and funky, great synth on this.

15. Take Me To The River
the recording ends with an incomplete (the first half is missing) but rousing rendition of the Al Green song.
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