Orpheum Theater, Boston Nov 14th 1980

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Orpheum Theater, Boston Nov 14th 1980

Postby Stranger on February 28th, 2009, 3:47 pm

This one is a good stereo audience recording.

"Some things in life are just too good to happen just once, including possibly the concert event of the year in 1980. It was a pretty good year for concerts by alot of people, such
as the Talking Heads Big Band with Adrian Belew and David Byrne sharing guitar and vocal duties. I always thought that was a great pairing, and this was my one chance to see it in person. the second night is a more up close recording than this one is, but I thought this show had more fire in it. unfortunately it's missing take me to the river (last song, encore)
but the rest is in here and it was a listenable recording of a nice hot concert. Belew has always been warmly welcomed in Boston, and so have Talking Heads. No exception here.
Byrnin' for you, Boston...
(part one of 2!!)

Talking Heads
David Byrne - vocals, guitar
Adrian Belew - guitar, backing vocals
Busta Jones - bass, guitar
Jerry Harrison - guitar, synthesizer
Tina Weymouth - bass, guitar, synthesizer, percussion,backing vocals
Chris Frantz - drums
Nona Hendryx - backing vocals
Dolette McDonald - backing vocals, percussion
Steve Scales - congas, percussion
Bernie Worrell - clavinet, backing vocals
Orpheum Theater
Boston, Mass.
November 14, 1980
(1st of 2 nights)
the second night is posted at torrent #222994
performance quality: B+/A pretty hot
recording quality: B- (recorded near the back of the floor seating, but it still sounds pretty listenable.)
unknown mikes (decent ones, not great) >Sony 152 cassette deck (dolby off) >master cassettes > my copy (both Maxell XLII) >soundforge 4.5 > FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.

setlist: (it all comes out to just over 80 minutes)
1: psycho killer 6:24
2: warning sign 6:19
3: stay hungry 4:20
4: cities 5:38
5: band introductions > I zimbra 5:48
6: drugs 5:08
7: once in a lifetime 6:14
8: animals 5:18
9: houses in motion 7:02
10: born under punches 7:37 (very good version here)
11: crosseyed and painless 7:34
12: life during wartime 5:23
13: the great curve 7:40"

http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-deta ... ?id=222915
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