David Byrne & Frank, Are you there?

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David Byrne & Frank, Are you there?

Postby qubism on February 22nd, 2009, 8:26 pm

:respect: Hi there,

I got a tape I wanna play. It's called "What Is Soul?" by the trailblazing British Hip Hop band Stereo MCs, their very first single from 1988. I'm proud to say I have my original vinyl copy that I used to play out when I DJed back in 1989 ish. The reason I want to bring this to David's attention is because it has to be the best use of sampling "Regiment" from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts EVER! They tore it a new A**hole and Frankly (see what I did there?) It Rocks HARD!

Now since David is specifically touring his Eno collab songs, I wondered if he would like to play this track over the sound system in the warm up before his show in Nottingham? Nice little way to warm up the crowd and Frankly, (AGAIN!) wrongfoot them, mess with their "Heads" etc. (I will try to lay off the puns, Don that's your job, keep up!). I even have an instrumental of What is Soul? I know he used to work in a Missy Elliot cover in live shows a few years back so he's clearly not averse to a bit of rapping. Maybe he'd like to rap Rob B's words over the instrumental and work it into the show somewhere? It would certainly be an interesting new live interpretation of a Byrne/Eno track! Maybe he would prefer to write a new rap. I can send mp3s of the tune and the instrumental if David would like a listen..... :jumpyjumpy:

Selfishly, i was thinking, it's my 40th Birthday shortly after David's show at the Nottingham Royal Concert hall and I thought it would be nice to hear What Is Soul on some big speakers! :baer:

I'm also going to try to get my local Awesome Arthouse cinema to show Stop Making Sense near my Birthday too! They say they can get any film and if necessary I think they can project the DVD. (Bluray would be better.....when's that coming David?) I'll tell you all if I manage to arrange that because it would be the first time I've ever seen it on a big screen!

I also had another fairly awesome idea, I wonder if David would like to do a very brief interview before the show (if he's not too busy or tired...) I thought we could come up with questions on the board here and then maybe I can ask him the top 10 questions. (I think the birthday boy here has to choose, hey I never said this was a democracy.)

So Frank, are you in touch with DB's management? Could/Would you try to get this message thru to him or get his people to ask him to just read this thread on yer brilliant website while he's winging his way round the world? :coffee:

It would be a truly nice exclusive for the world's number one Talking Heads website to have an exclusive interview with David Byrne? If he was up for the interview idea it would be a lovely gesture towards some of his most loyal fans around the world to do this. The fans ask different questions than journos, we're about 10 thousand times better informed and would like to get some answers to some not so common questions!
I have met DB twice before as my avatar shows so hopefully he will realise I'm not a nutter! :lol: :biere:

Frank if you can get a message thru, I will tell you my email and a phone number if they need it.

I'll start the ball rolling-

Question number 1 has to be:

"When oh when is a CD of "Here Lies love" coming out or how far along are you with the recording process? My God, the world needs to hear a David Byrne collaboration with Fatboy slim"


Richard Qubism Shepherd

PS I will at least wait at the stage door after the Nottingham show and try to get my "BRICK" signed!

I have some cool signed stuff from previous DB meetings. He never just signs his name. Would anyone like to see pictures? I got him to sign my Envisioning Emotional Epistomological Information book and he actually added to some of his own diagrams in the book! I'm sure this must be unique. I also got him to sign my "True Stories" book and he incorporated his signature nicely into the lines of the Car on the cover. Anyone want me to post these? :geek: :mrgreen: :blbl: :ugeek:
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Re: David Byrne & Frank, Are you there?

Postby Peterb on February 23rd, 2009, 9:14 am


I said hullo to DB after his Melbourne 9th Feb show and asked him if the "Here Lies Love" recording is done and he giggled and said they're still working on it.

I'll give you $100 if DB responds/agrees to any of your ideas here....

Bob / Judy
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Re: David Byrne & Frank, Are you there?

Postby qubism on February 23rd, 2009, 4:08 pm

Alrighty then! So we kind of already have the answer to THAT question. I think we should still start posting the questions for our proposed board members interview. You never know, if there is a huge groundswell of fans posting questions, Mr Byrne may answer them one day, even if it's after he's not so busy with a tour and all that. Imagine a big bunch of questions from fans around the world, South America (Ruben, where are you?), New Zealand, Canada, maybe even the US of A!

Next question: Nothing to do with music, but DB has Directed before and I'm a huge film fan. I'll tell him that David Lynch is my favourite film director, who is his fav director?

And Frankly, I've bought just about everything TH and DB have ever done, I now think he owes me and should help me get the $100 (US or Canadian?) from our generous friend PaulB by rapping SOMETHING over What Is Soul?! Actually, I wonder if he would do it for charity if we all pledged some cash for some worthy cause to get him rapping?!?

To the beat y'all, and ya don't stop.
Throw your hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care.... etc etc. I could go on....

Richard (Qubism-get the album QUBISM 2294 now on ebay for only £70 Great British Pounds-HEY ITS A FREAKIN COLLECTORS ITEM NOW!!) -Shepherd :respect:
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