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DB or not DB

Postby Aspiemom on October 20th, 2011, 3:44 am

I thought about posting this a few weeks ago, but wondered whether anyone would respond. But since we’re hard up for topics, here goes.

DB posted this list of quotes from the film jury, and challenged readers to figure out the speaker and the movie referenced. That seemed kind of difficult, so I’m modifying the challenge to whether the comment is by DB or somebody else. The identity of the other and/or name of film are extra credit.

I cut and paste this from the “journal,” adding numbers for ease of reference. Let the games begin!

Journal cut and paste:
Here are some of my favorite quotes from our jury meetings. Maybe I will reveal the film and author of the quotes later. Maybe not.

1. “It gives the point of view of the occupied, using the visual codes of the occupier.”
2. “A film in a straightjacket.”
3. “It is an autistic film.”
4. “I liked his head shape in profile.”
5. “It keeps stroking the same spot.”
6. “It's about what is visible and what is hidden.”
7. “Messy, combustible and out of control.”
8. “It captured my bad LSD experience very well.”
9. “ET as the ideal Italian woman.”
10. “A chicken leg, well done.”
11. “In Italy we have problem with the mother.”
12. “A fairytale in reverse order.”
13. “The bum stroking represented a kind of contact with nature.”
14. “The end of the world happens every time somebody dies.”
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