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Post your skeuomorphs here

PostPosted: August 12th, 2011, 2:45 am
by Aspiemom
The word of the day is skeuomorph, defined in DB’s journal as follows: "a skeuomorph (thank you, Danielle), which is when one material mimics another—usually older and originally functional material. These elements of design serve no useful purpose, but they make the object, even a virtual digital object, feel familiar and comfortable. Plastic items often would imitate the metal, leather or ceramic original (I have plastic sandals in which the ‘weave' imitates the earlier leather version). Fake wood grain counters, fake marble in many fancy houses. Skeuomorphism is not new—the ancient Greeks and Romans added architectural details to their houses and temples that were fake versions of earlier practical elements, but which were no longer needed.”

These things bug me, and they totally deserve their ridiculous name. :karate: Example- Windows 7 allows you to put “Post Its” on your desktop. If you type on the “Post-It,” the computer uses a faux handwriting font. You can move it around on the desktop, but only if you “grab” what would be the sticky part of a regular Post It. I displayed one on my desktop and wrote “This is not a Post-It” on it.

If you find an obnoxious (or adorable) skeuomorph, you can post it here.

Re: Post your skeuomorphs here

PostPosted: August 19th, 2011, 5:08 am
by Aspiemom
Realizing that I should have put “desktop” in quotes too, since my computer display is actually quite a different thing than the desktop upon which it sits. That’s what bugs me- it’s such insidious language abuse. :evil: After awhile, it’s everyday parlance. It’s a computer screen- why can’t we call it that?

Windows 7 also lets me “pin” icons onto my task bar. If they’re trying to appeal to women with a sewing metaphor, I have news-- most of us stopped sewing in the 1960s (or so I’m told).