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Postby Buglet on February 5th, 2010, 4:45 pm

I've just been clearing out a box of old videos, many of which have TH/DB stuff on them. I've even still got 'Rhythms of the World' where David straddles the Greenwich Meridian!!!

Anyone know how I could transfer these to DVD?? My local rip-off merchant was proposing to charge £10 per tape, but that's not cheap when you have more than 15 tapes in box...

So, if I can get the TH stuff into a more usable format I can YouTube it or just share on this site if someone wants it. I have to admit that some of the labels ring no bells - my aging brain is failing in the memory department - and I don't have access to a video at the moment to fill in the gaps. Any help?

Three episodes of 'Wired', 08-07-88, 29-07-88 and 05-08-88
Something called 'Talking Heads Talking Video'
Byrne interview on 'Saturday Review' from November 1986
Byrne interview on 'The Tube' from 1984
Talking Heads, Montreux Jazz Festival 09-07-82
Other Side of the Tracks 1984 (I can actually remember some of this)
Rockpop concert, Germany 1982
A C4 film called Once in a Lifetime

(I'd also welcome advice on whether any of these is actually worth copying)
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Re: VHS -> DVD

Postby Mr.DRC on February 5th, 2010, 11:41 pm

Well,Buglet. I can vouch for the C4 OIAL, which is TH live @ Wembley Arena which I did the VHS-DVD route last
year for iRene,Clarabo and Moi. Go for it ! With the help of a VHS-DVD analogue-digital converter,of course...

where David straddles the Greenwich Meridian !!!

Was that just before he penned Tears Of A Clown ? :shock: ;)

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