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Postby Phred on September 22nd, 2008, 8:30 pm

Saw David last night in Asheville, NC along with his covers of the Talking Heads material. I took my 18 year old son and while he seemed very happy with the show, I had to tell him "well if you can imagine a show about three times this good, then that's what the Talking Heads shows were like". The show was a solid B or a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The Byrne solo stuff was very good (yes I have most of it) but anyone who saw the original line-up would be somewhat disappointed with the T-Head covers. Most of the covers seemed two dimensional but folks who saw shows in the early '80's knows the T-Heads were 4 dimensional at their finest.

Byrne was at best, about 40% of what the T-Heads were, that leaves 60% unaccounted for. That came to mind as I sat there watching the show. David must think he was 90% or something. It just ain't so, just as Deborah Harry was not Blondie, to compare another popular mis perception relating to the same era. He may have written most of the words but to me the T-h's were more about the music. The pick up band exhibited none of the subtle (can I use that word in the context of the Heads) nuances (melodic and polyrhythmic) that made the group so fantastic.

"Heaven" in particular fell flat, but how could anything compare with the Weymouth/Byrne collaboration as documented in Stop Making Sense. There is a huge difference in a band backing someone up and a band truly collaborating. That isn't to take anything away from the fine musicianship of the band backing Byrne on this tour. The symbiosis just isn't there.

The all time favorite concert I saw was the Heads in 1981 in Atlanta at the Fox. I thought at the time "even if Ronald Reagan is president, there is still hope for the world". This was "the Name of this Band" tour and I don't even think Belew was with them this night. Tina was really, really pregnant and her bass was rolling off the top of her belly but it was all incredible. The setting, the music and the crowd. That show ties with seeing George Harrison in Atlanta as my most memorable concert experience ever.

I wouldn't dissuade anyone from seeing David on this tour, it's a good show, and his voice is just fine, just be cautioned it's not going to come anywhere close to being a Heads event, but it may be as close as you can ever get.
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