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Overdubs/re-recordings on TNOTBITH?

PostPosted: May 28th, 2014, 4:45 am
by pobbard
Hi all,

Does anyone know if the original 1982 release of THE NAME OF THIS BAND was subject to any overdubbing/re-recording in the studio prior to release?

Likewise, were any touch-ups done to the 2004 reissue? I ask, because listening today to "Electricity" on disc one of that set, I notice something odd going on with the lead vocal during the "girls are shocked" line -- the lead vocal moves abruptly in the stereo spectrum for that one line only, and then returns to "normal" for the next line. I assumed this was an artifact of the original recording (for the LIVE ON TOUR promo album). But when I pulled out my old CD-R copy of LIVE ON TOUR, and listen to the same track, I don't hear anything odd going on with the lead vocal during the same part of the track -- it is consistent throughout. Very odd. Any ideas?