High School production of SMS?

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High School production of SMS?

Postby elbakan on January 28th, 2013, 3:42 pm

Got an email from David Byrne (mailing list, of course)...

St. Vincent and I have just returned from a short tour of sunny Australia. We wrapped up in Tasmania at the MOFO festival—very exciting. We're back now.

On her way back to NY, Annie stopped in Dallas where she caught a high school production of Stop Making Sense. The whole thing—lamp, costumes, patter, the works. I think they should bring it to NY—or at least try and get Jonathan Demme to film it there in Dallas.

We'll be on Letterman tonight, Monday, doing our song "I Should Watch TV". The meaning and significance of doing that song on TV is making my head go funny. We haven't done it yet, obviously. I hope we're good.
End Quote

I assume Annie means "St Vincent"

Does anyone know anything about this production?
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