I don't get this.

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Postby Buck's Student on April 18th, 2011, 7:19 am

cyberyukon wrote:
Buck's Student wrote:
That's why I love David Byrne; he won't get the band back together, won't play the big stadiums like he once did, and still makes relevant, new music.

Well...it's not David's band to begin with. It's Chris' band. Always was. David won't play big stadiums because...well...no one would sponsor him playing a big stadium. And I don't think masses of people would shell out a hundred smackers to come out and hear him do those opera pieces.

I'm not sure he's making relevant music, either. Sorry--but "Grown Backwards" was just...goofy. The 2008 collaboration with Eno was lofted up on Eno's skill and the Fatboy Slim collaboration was just so totally bizarre I don't even know where to go with it. What could be more irrelevant than Imelda Marcos?

I've always said that, with a few exceptions, Byrne's best work came from collaborations with others. And I'm of the strong opinion that those collaborators did most of the shaping and molding. Thats not a criticism...just an observation.

That's a bit more harsh than maybe I want it to seem.

1. You can't have a band without members; you can't have steak without a grill and seasoning; you can't have a car without an engine and wheels.

2. I doubt David wants to do big stadium shows; they cost too much, he isn't insanely popular, and I'd wager one out of every five TH fan enjoys his music.

3. Opera?

4. Relevant means moving forward with the times: Talking Heads, irrelevant in 2011; The Police, irrelevant in 2011. If Kurt Cobain came back from the dead, sent Courtney Love to prison for life, and reformed Nirvana, they wouldn't be relevant. David Byrne: Relevant. He makes new music, different sounding albums, and isn't pandering to one crowd.

5. He is who he is; who wrote the majority of the first two TH albums? He, Chris, and Tina. Well, who wrote the lyrics? Who wrote the guitar lines? Who yelled at Tina during rehearsals when she was still learning the bass? What's his guitar style? Who's guitar style do you hear throughout every Talking Heads album? Who's guitar style do you hear on David enryB? Who's do you hear one his live bootleg with Richard Thompson?
On the first Eno collaboration, who's name is also on the box? David Byrne. On the second Eno collab, who's name is on the box? David Byrne.

- What's different from what Eno was doing with his solo career and the collab? Well, Eno was doing mostly Ambient recordings, and production. How much of that album sounds like an Ambient record? None.

David has his own thumbprint, and everything he does, you can tell it's him.

Now, in relation to a Talking Heads reunion: The only way I would support it is if:

1. They made an album before or during the tour.
2. They charged reasonable prices.
3. The played their new songs live.
4. They didn't rely on old gimmicks, such as the Big Suit.
5. Old tour members joined the show if they were needed for the songs.
6. No one dyes or colors their hair from the normal color; no one tries to dress differently than they normally would.
7. Jerry gets sleep (See Talking Heads Stop Making Sense interview with Jerry, Tina, and Chris)
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Re: I don't get this.

Postby Oedepus on April 21st, 2011, 4:02 am

Buck's Student wrote:3. Opera?

Opera with the fantastic DB touch. People criticize it but I don't care, I go to the Opera when I want to listen to really impressive singers. When David does it I don't expect him to sing it perfectly, I expect him to deliver something original and unique with his style all over it.

I think people shouldn't go to a Byrne show expecting anything else than the unexpected ;)

When I listen to his version of "Well" from his Between the teeth concert, I always picture him standing before a massive stadium audience!

I think it's sad his solo material isn't as highly regarded as his work with TH.
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