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Talking Heads 77 Error Press

Postby AllTalk77 on December 10th, 2010, 3:20 am

Hi Fellow Talking Heads Fans,

I was wondering if anyone here could shed some light on something for me...I am currently in possession of a strange pressing of "Talking Heads 77" on vinyl. Basically, it's normal 12" size and looks like it should play at 33 RPM. However, it plays way too slow at 33, and actually plays normally at 45 RPM. I've looked all over the internet for any info on this, but I didn't find squat. Have any of you heard of this. If so, do you know how much that would be worth?

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Re: Talking Heads 77 Error Press

Postby francey on December 10th, 2010, 2:03 pm

Sounds like a mispressing, but I wonder how they can fit an entire album side on a disk that plays at 45rpm... are all the tracks on it..?

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