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Postby bigideas on June 20th, 2010, 10:56 pm


I've just recently gotten the last 3 TH records. Naked really surprised me in a good way. My only knowledge of it was Blind and (Nothing But) Flowers from the Best Of record. I liked Flowers, but the way David sang Blind I almost wondered if he had lost his voice sometime after Stop Making Sense...

**by the way - anyone know why David chose to sing that way on that track? is it sorta him channeling someone else like he does on Swamp in a way?**

so I was in no rush to get it. The bonus track, Sax and Violins, really impressed me.

I finally looked into getting the True Stories film, soundtrack and Little Creatures. At some point I read the article linked above from the board that said they were recorded at the same time. I'm having the hardest time getting into Little Creatures of the 3. For some reason I really like True Stories, especially the last 3 tracks - Dream Operator, People Like Us, and City of Dreams. There is something serene and beautiful about that trio that is unique to the Heads catalog I think.

I'm surprised Road to Nowhere didn't make the True Stories film as lyrically it fits the opening and closing image of the road literally to nowhere - though City of Dreams is so beautifully used there.

So my question is:

If you could make one album from all the music known to have been recorded or released during this time period (between SMS and Naked), what would your tracklisting be? If something recorded at the time ended up on Naked, then that wouldn't be eligible.

P.s. I really hate that True Stories, the film, is only available in a Panned and Scanned/Full Screen DVD. It has some nice cinematography that really gets butchered. I wish Criterion would released it along with the non-Heads music soundtrack/actor versions since that is currently scattered around.
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