"Interesting" Burning Down The House fan video

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"Interesting" Burning Down The House fan video

Postby jsundin on September 11th, 2008, 10:24 pm

I made a music video of sorts for Burning Down The House back when I was in high school (which, technically, was only a few months ago), so I figured I'd post it here for the world to see.

I COMPLETELY half-assed this thing, by the way, and filmed all the stuff in about a day and eventually got lazy finding house fire clips on YouTube so I only used one. It has its moments, but then again, so does Two And A Half Men and that show is crap.


I'm sorry in advance. I make better films now, I promise.
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Re: "Interesting" Burning Down The House fan video

Postby cyberyukon on September 21st, 2008, 11:16 pm

Ha ha--

I love the "duh!" in "Duh-grees"!!
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See you

Postby yuio714o on March 1st, 2009, 10:37 pm

"Yea but coming from Dudley that's like 'I love you,'" said Harry, torn between annoyance and a desire to laugh as Aunt Petunia continued to clutch at Dudley as if he had just saved Harry from a burning building.
"Are we going or not?" roared Uncle Vernon, reappearing yet again at the living room door. "I thought we were on a tight schedule!"
"Yes -yes, we are," said Dedalus Diggle, who had been watching these exchanged with an air of bemusement and now seemed to pull himself together. "We really must be off. Harry -"
He tripped forward and wrung Harry's hand with both of his own.
"\a151good luck. I hope we meet again. The hopes of the Wizarding world rest upon your shoulders."
Harry led them all back into the kitchen where wow gold, laughing and chattering, they settled on chairs, buy cheap wow dold, sat themselves upon Aunt Petunia's gleaming work surfaces, or leaned up against her spotless appliances; Ron, long and lanky; Hermione wow gold, her bushy hair tied back in a long plait lord of the rings gold; Fred and George, grinning identically; Bill, badly scarred and long-haired; Mr. Weasley, kind-faced, balding, his spectacles a little awry; Mad-Eye, battle-worn, one-legged, his bright blue magical eye whizzing in its socket; Tonks, whose short hair was her favorite shade of bright pink; Lupin, grayer, more lined; Fleur, slender and beautiful, with her long silvery blonde hair; Kingsley, bald and broad-shouldered; Hagrid, with his wild hair and beard WOW Power leveling, standing hunchbacked to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling; and Mundungus Fletcher, small, dirty, and hangdog, with his droopy beady hound's eyes and matted hair. Harry's heart seemed to expand and glow at the sight: He
felt incredibly fond of all of them, even Mundungus wow gold, whom he had tried to strangle the last time they had met. Harry looking for wow gold at the world...
"Oh," said Harry, "right. Thanks."
"Farwell, Harry," said Hestia also clasping his hand. "Our thoughts go with you."
"I hope everything's okay," said Harry with a glance toward Aunt Petunia and Dudley.
"Oh I'm sure we shall end up the best of chums," said Diggle slightly, waving his hat as he left the room. Hestia followed him.
Dudley gently released himself from his mother's clutches and walked toward Harry who had to repress an urge to threaten him with magic. Then Dudley held out his large, pink hand.
"Blimey, Dudley," said Harry over Aunt Petunia's renewed sobs, "did the dementors blow a different personality into you?"
"Dunno," muttered Dudley, "See you, Harry."
"Yea \a133" said Harry, raking Dudley's hand and shaking it. "Maybe. Take care, Big D."
Dudley nearly smiled. They lumbered from the room. Harry heard his heavy footfalls on the graveled drive, and then a car door slammed.
Aunt Petunia whose face had been buried in her handkerchief looked around at the sound. She did not seem to have expected to find herself alone with Harry. Hastily stowing her wet handkerchief into her pocket, she said, "Well - good-bye" and marched towards the door without looking at him.
"Good-bye" said Harry.
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