Obama Will Change the World!!

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Obama Will Change the World!!

Postby cyberyukon on October 13th, 2009, 5:21 am

So the guy gets awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and the folks on the right side of the fence cry foul. Just like they have done with every other thing the man had attempted or accomplished.

It strikes me as such hypocrisy (bordering on sedition) that the very same political party who in structure and principle trashed the United States and then collectively have the nerve to point the finger at a man who tries to make repairs, do what's right and restore faith. Sure, they say, it's all politics. It's all done for the fun of the game. It's their job to do this.

But really. After a certain point doesn't it become a question of plain 'ol ethics? Would it really be so hard to give the guy some support? Just maybe even acknowledge his achievements even maybe a little bit?

Or instead does that give the rest of us some insight into how disordered politicians can be?

Take Rush Limbaugh. Sure--when pinned to the wall he might say that he is an antagonist of the current administration only because it gets him attention and thus stokes ratings. Higher ratings means more money, right? And what's wrong with makin' money this way, he'd say. Isn't that the American way? But shouldn't there be some responsibility here, especially when in such a position to manipulate the hearts and minds of the public at large?

Can we gather up the metaphorical pitchforks and burning torches and, en masse, tear down those lofty high-ground towers that the right wing waddle in?

Just venting...
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Re: Obama Will Change the World!!

Postby Chris on October 13th, 2009, 3:09 pm

Precisely! I don't hear any complaints about the Nobel choices for prizes in science or economics. Ethics is not the only problem with our right wing. I would say there in also a total disconnect when it comes to the question of integrity. Sheesh!
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