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Postby Ruben on February 4th, 2010, 1:04 am

I was a little bored at work today so I decided to think of my favorite music releases from the past decade so I could make a new thread here. I gave it a lot of thought, and it was pretty hard. There are so many things I didn't listen to yet that people say they're awesome - Portishead, Strokes, White Stripes (of course I listened to them, but I never played any of their albums from beginning to end), so this list will change over time as I get to listen to more stuff. But these are my favorite releases of things I've bought during those years. I got into music in 2001 being just 11 years old, so this was a very important and meaningful decade to me. In fact I got into music after listening to David Byrne's "Like Humans Do" and buying Eyeball - that's why it's number 1 on the list, not only because of how great it musically is (because it really IS), but also for what it means to me.

Some of you will not like these selections - I admit I have wide musical tastes, I like lots of different music genres and not everybody will agree with all of them. But if I really enjoy something, I don't care who made it. No prejudices. I guess that's why I included a Green Day record on the favorite studio albums list (it seriously rocks!). Of course there are some music genres I can't even listen to, but I'm not going there now...

Ok, enough, here we go. Enjoy, and please share your thoughts and your own favorites! :mrgreen:

25 favorite studio albums.

1) Look Into The Eyeball, David Byrne
2) Accelerate, R.E.M.
3) Surprise, Paul Simon
4) In Rainbows, Radiohead
5) Stoned, Lewis Taylor
6) 21st Century Breakdown, Green Day
7) Up, Peter Gabriel
8) Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, David Byrne & Brian Eno
9) Chinese Democracy, Guns N' Roses
10) How to Walk Away, Juliana Hatfield
11) No Cities Left, The Dears
12) Sea Change, Beck
13) Ten New Songs, Leonard Cohen
14) The Café Carlyle Sessions, Christopher Cross
15) Living With War, Neil Young
16) Drill a Hole in That Substrate and Tell Me What You See, Jim White
17) Dear Science, TV on the Radio
18) Graduation, Kanye West
19) Room Service, Bryan Adams
20) Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, Franz Ferdinand
21) Come Away With Me, Norah Jones
22) Parachutes, Coldplay
23) Raising Sand, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
24) Funeral, Arcade Fire
25) Bossa N' Beatles, Rita Lee
Bonus - 26) How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul?!?!, Public Enemy

Honorable Mentions: American IV: The Man Comes Around (Johnny Cash), The Age of the Understatement (The Last Shadow Puppets), Nine Lives (Steve Winwood), 19 (Adele), Vampire Weekend (Vampire Weekend), Dear Heather (Leonard Cohen), Franz Ferdinand (Franz Ferdinand), Grown Backwards (David Byrne), Robbers & Cowards (Cold War Kids), Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (Foo Fighters), The College Dropout (Kanye West), Actor (St. Vincent), Viva la Vida or Death And All His Friends (Coldplay), Hypertension (Jon Gomm), Missiles (The Dears), Rain (Joe Jackson), Big Blue Ball (Peter Gabriel & Various Artists), All That You Can't Leave Behind (U2), The Rising (Bruce Springsteen), The Good, The Bad & the Funky (Tom Tom Club).

Now, some other categories.

10 favorite Box-sets/Deluxe editions/Reissues and all that. I'm including everything in one category because I don't own many of these.

1) Talking Heads: Brick (individual releases), Talking Heads
2) The Beatles in Stereo (individual releases), The Beatles
3) The Stranger: 25th Anniversary Deluxe Box-Set, Billy Joel
4) Tom Tom Club: Deluxe Edition, Tom Tom Club
5) Kind of Blue: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, Miles Davis
6) The Who Sell Out: Deluxe Edition, The Who
7) Who's Next: Deluxe Edition, The Who
8) Songs of Leonard Cohen, Songs from a Room, Songs of Love and Hate, Leonard Cohen (his first 3 studio albums)
9) In the Court of the Crimson King (40th Anniversary 2-CD Deluxe Edition), King Crimson
10) Tumbleweed Connection: Deluxe Edition, Elton John

5 favorite Live Albums:

1) Live at the Olympia, R.E.M.
2) Live @ the Clubhouse, Tom Tom Club
3) Live from Madison Square Garden, Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton
4) Live in Gdánsk, David Gilmour
5) R.E.M. Live, R.E.M.

5 DVD's:

1) Growing Up: Live, Peter Gabriel
2) Remember That Night: Live at Royal Albert Hall, David Gilmour
3) Live from Madison Square Garden, Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton
4) Certifiable: Live in Buenos Aires, The Police
5) Orgullo, Pasión y Gloria: Tres Noches en la Ciudad de México, Metallica

5 compilations (I'm including those that I liked the most because of their remastered sound, their good tracklisting, their bonuses, etc - those that sound like proper studio albums because of how well-crafted they are)

1) In Time: The Best of R.E.M., R.E.M.
2) Hit, Peter Gabriel
3) The Essential Paul Simon, Paul Simon
4) Greatest Hits 1970-2000, Elton John
5) The Best of 1990-2000 & B-Sides, U2

And last but not least, favorite bootleg: Fillmore 2001, David Byrne.

I would have liked to include a brief description of why I like each of these albums but I don't have the time now, I will do that later.

My God, what a great decade for music this was. Seriously. Let's hope this one is better (it started off good - amazing releases by Vampire Weekend and Peter Gabriel, and some very interesting upcoming albums).

That's about it for now, hope you enjoy this post. Here's to feeling good all the time :biere:
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Re: 2000-2009

Postby Ruben on February 4th, 2010, 1:49 am

Oh %&%$@#!!! I completely forgot about an excelent album. :bawling:

"Live in London" by The Poet, Leonard Cohen. It matches "Live at the Olympia" by R.E.M. on my favorite live albums of the decade list, so it's another No. 1. Two number ones in that category ;)

And one of my all-time favourite albums too. So good in every way.
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Re: 2000-2009

Postby iRene on February 6th, 2010, 9:50 pm

I don't have the dedication or the patience to make such a comprehensive list, but here are a few I would add:

Grizzly Bear, Veckatimest
Modest Mouse, We Were Dead before the Ship Even Sank
Scissor Sisters, Scissor Sisters
Gogol Bordello, Underdog World Strike
Jim White, Wrong-eyed Jesus
Jon Gomm, Don't Panic
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