New artists I've been gettig into...

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New artists I've been gettig into...

Postby francey on September 11th, 2008, 8:54 am

First, Camden wrote:
Tell me if you've heard of them and/or what you think about them.

Aesop Rock
Arcade Fire
The Black Keys
The Flaming Lips
Heartless Bastards
Jeff Buckley
Medeski, Martin & Wood
Pedro the Lion
The Sea and Cake

(and yes, the last is an actual band name, pronounced Chk-Chk-Chk)

Most people would probably think 'Indie kid' but I've been expanding to all kinds of genres lately.

Next, Irine replied:Arcade Fire?!?! Brill!

Jeff B? Well, loved his Dad's stuff, and he's a chip off the old block.

Then, Richard Eno added:
Aesop Rock - never heard of them
Arcade Fire - wonderful. Saw them live last year, spectacular
The Black Keys - know of them but haven't heard them
The Flaming Lips - love them! Long may they continue!
Heartless Bastards - don't know them but do love the Bastard Fairies
Jeff Buckley - beautiful.
Medeski, Martin & Wood - know nothing
Mew - heard of them but not their music
Pedro the Lion - as above
The Sea and Cake - completely love them!
Ween - know them but don't 'get' them
Wilco - yes, great
!!! - love them!!!

My favourite new artists (new to me, anyway...):

Wildbirds and Peacedrums
Bass Communion
Lee Hazelwood
Lykke Li

Thanks for the recommendations Cam.

To which Francey responded:
- The Lykke Li album is beautiful;
- !!!'s latest is not as good as the previous one, but still a great band;
- Good to see Lee Hazlewood on a list of new discoveries!;
- Arcade Fire's first album is a classic - still play it once in a while, the second one copes with the "second album syndrome" like so many bands 2nd albums...
- Black Keys rock!

- Check out The Foals for an update on everything that was New Wave in the 80s. Great popsongs with a dark edge.

- And in an era where original music is hard to find, The Battles made a record (well, about a year ago) that doesn't fit in any category and is simply stunning. Drummer in the central position! Too much to deal with in one go, so start with their anthem "Atlas" and once you're into that one, try "Tonto". If you survive the bassline there, you're ready for the entire album "Mirrored";

- Talk about the drums the drums the drums the drums: The Ting Tings record has a longer lifespan than expected! "We started Nothing" is still on high rotation on my ipod :-)

- Also worth checking out is Scarlett Johansson's album with Tom Waits covers. Don't expect to hear Tom Waits, and don't expect to hear yet another acress sing. Just listen to it without prejudice;

- Amy MacDonalds "This is the Life" was recently released in the US - she's huge in Europe now, and one of the few girl-with-guitar acts that actually rock;

- Hercules and Love Affair combines old skool disco a la DFA with the fragile voice on Antony. "Blind" is my favorite single of the year so far (and it's already september! :-)

- Los Campesinos... rock at first sight, but there's so much more to their album than what we heard a million times before. And with 4 boys/3 girls, a great line up.

- Anyone heard Santogold? I just started listening to it... not sure yet what to think of it yet.

And Camden, you may want to try a band called Beirut - seeying your list, I think you may like them. Latest album is called "The Flying Cub Club".

And Eke said:
I love that Santogold album. It would have been the soundtrack to my summer if we'd had a decent summer.

With you on Battles, Hercules, Beirut... almost everything you mention to be honest.

So, what did you discover lately?
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Re: New artists I've been gettig into...

Postby Mr.DRC on September 11th, 2008, 2:11 pm

Cyndi Lauper-"New" album, Take Ya To The Brink. She knocks Blighty-Botherer "Madge" into that thimc-CERN(tanx Rene!) Alternative Universe/Dimension.And,and I'm gonna see her in Oct!

Retro Dept: Air Supply,Mr.Mister,Cutting Crew.And don't you lot go :roll: Romance is not dead...

p.s. Hi the other Mr DRC.Better late than never,Mate ;-)
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Re: New artists I've been gettig into...

Postby Camden Furse on September 14th, 2008, 8:43 am

Thanks for restarting this post, Francey, been meaning to for a while. :D

Allow me to give some further input...

Aesop Rock-
They're like an independent hip-hop band. I know what most people will say, but stick with me. Their style is actually quite different and most of the songs that I've heard by him are know, ACTUAL things...not "gangsta crowd" nonsense. Check out the videos for the songs "Coffee" and "None Shall Pass", which are very unique, especially for hip-hop songs.

Arcade Fire-
Francey, I'm sad to hear you didn't like Neon Bible as much, that's so far the only album I have of theirs and I freakin' love it. Granted, it's one of those albums you need to be in the right mood for, but it usually suits it perfectly. I've been meaning to pick up 'Funeral' for a while now.
(btw, I think I heard they did a cover of This Must Be the Place...I'll have to look into that)

The Black Keys-
Anybody who's been wanting a newer, AWESOME blues band should check these guys out. They have great old-style rhythms and sounds. Check out "The Big Come-Up" for their full-on old blues-styles, and "Magic Potion" for a more modern twist.

The Flaming Lips-
Their novelty can get old, but they still are really great. I didn't mind their Bohemian Rhapsody cover as much as I thought I would.

Heartless Bastards-
They're kind of like The Strokes with a heavier, slightly grunge sound. A little blues-y as well. GREAT background music for parties and such, I've come to notice.

Jeff Buckley-
I've only gotten "Grace" but it has a great sound. Same goes for "Neon Bible" as for being in the right mood for. Who's his father?

Medeski Martin & Wood-
They're the only Jazz Fusion style band I would recommend. They seem to take straight classic jazz music only replace the brass instruments with keyboards and (occasionally) guitar, along with sampling. They have an awesome sound.

I really like this band. At first glance, their guitars and sound may make you think 'typical new-alternative crap' but listen to their album "And the Glass Handed Kites" all in one sitting and you most likely WILL fall in love with it. The vocals and loud guitars actually suit each other very nicely.

Pedro the Lion-
A lot softer 'indie' style music, but their lyrics are pretty intriguing. Again with having to be in the right mood for.

The Sea and Cake-
Super-indie as well, but great for when you need to relax.

If you want a band where EVERY song sounds completely different from the one before and after, check these guys out. They have songs that range from hard rock, to acoustic ballads, to I-Don't-Even-Know-WHAT-to-classify-that-as songs. The first album to get into is "Chocolate and Cheese" (album cover's not hard to'll laugh at what I said when you see it). They have really cool guitar work, not to mention.

Just cool. Pretty wide-stretching as well, from what I've heard.

Their novelty can get old, but I still enjoy them.

Rich and Francey, I haven't heard of any of the bands you mentioned, but I'll be sure to look into them sometime. I have quite a big to-do list for music.

And here's some other stuff I heard since I first posted that-
Connie Price & the Keystones - they're jazz, but really hard to classify past that. You really just have to listen to the album "Wildflowers" and judge for yourself.
The Dutchess and the Duke - An acoustic duo, pretty chill.

Plenty more to come. :mrgreen:
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Re: New artists I've been gettig into...

Postby iRene on September 14th, 2008, 7:55 pm

Camden, Tim was Jeff's dad. ... re=related

I'll be checking out Eliza Gilkyson in October. Jim White said he heard her sing 3 of the most beautiful songs he had ever heard- praise indeed!
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Re: New artists I've been gettig into...

Postby Liberty on September 16th, 2008, 1:03 am

I am really into this program for Itunes and winamp called simplify media. It's a program to allow you and select others listen to your music from everywhere. If you go to you can see what I am talking about and see how easy and cool it is to use.
Anyway. As Talking Heads fans are generally smarter than the average music fan I would be interested in sharing my tunes and visa versa with anyone on here. My user name there is Happyclub2 invite me to your group and we can let the music flow....
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Re: New artists I've been gettig into...

Postby iRene on September 23rd, 2008, 4:34 pm

Simplifymedia sounds too good to be true, to quote Sir Larry in Marathon Man, "Is it safe?"
(Must book dental check-up.)
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Re: New artists I've been gettig into...

Postby Liberty on September 23rd, 2008, 5:50 pm

It is safe according to Simplify Media and others. It doesn't share any of your other files and you can chose not to share any music and just listen to others. It streams without interfering with your firewall. You can read up on it for yourself.
It's an application for the iPhone and iTouch so I don't think Apple would endorse an unsafe product.
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Re: New artists I've been gettig into...

Postby remaininlight on March 6th, 2009, 6:49 pm

I've just discovered the Malian singer/songwriter/guitarist Rokia Traore. Her new album is Tchamantche. Her voice is gorgeous, and the songs range from spare and haunting to danceable, rhythmic world music. This album excites me, and I haven't been excited by a new album in a while. If you like Ali Farka Toure, you'll like Rokia Traore. (Ali Farka Toure recorded an album with Ry Cooder in 1994 called Talking Timbuktu that is also fabulous.)
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Re: New artists I've been gettig into...

Postby MsSillyOtto on March 7th, 2009, 11:30 pm

I have to add to the accolades for Ween.

Also, I've gotten into Abney Park ( over the last year or so. Neat stuff. A bit dark.

Have to give props to my favorite Pennsylvania band, a group called the Jellybricks. If you like Rock Band 2, you'll get a kick out of their music video this year:

Not too much else to add. I find that I'm sadly mainstream for the most part. I listen to a lot of different genres, but fairly "popular" stuff. You know, the stuff everyone's embarrassed to post on threads like this?

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